"The acceleration of the growth in Sub-Saharan Africa which should reach 4.6% of GDP in 2015 is carried out by the dynamism of the investments in infrastructures, by the increase of the agricultural production and by the expansion of services ".

 Report of the World Bank dated January 13, 2015


"The growth in emerging countries and developing countries is still representing the largets part of the world growth expected for 2016"

Christine LAGARDE  (IMF report, April 2016)



Seventeen years ago was born a French company dedicated to supply the African businesses. This company was designed to adapt to their constraints and to fit their needs.

Objectives: To free these factories from the pressure of the purchases and to enable them focusing on the production and the sales,

For the reason that the fact to create and to develop an industrial company in Africa requires temerity and an extraordinary courage,

For the reason that these manufacturers have to face the daily challenges of the political and social instability, that of the climate, the challenges of the lack or the obsolescence of the infrastructures, that of the fragility of the banking system, the extreme poverty of the population, the energetic costs, that of the distrust of the northern hemisphere vis-à-vis the southern continent,

For the reason that, despite all these constraints, the African continent possesses today the highest economic growth rates in the world,

For the reason that we have to be optimistic and to believe in the potentialities of this continent,

For the reason that only the industry is able to create the wealth and the employments which are essential to the economic growth and to the human development,

For the reason that the African manufacturers accomplish an unbelievable feat in the everyday life, and carry on their shoulders the future of their continent,

We put ourselves at their disposal,

Seventeen years ago was born ... CAP AFRIQUE


                                              Antoine FROUTÉ         
                                                                          Managing Director